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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  November 10, 2011 1:35am-2:10am PST

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here it is. geoff: your voice is so funny. do you play the owl in "winnie the pooh"? because if that was you, you could take me right here! [laughter] like you and ellen barkin that one time. [laughter] craig: no! no. that's not -- no, not no. geoff: ships that pass in the night. [laughter] craig: what's the pass in the night? geoff: ships. craig: sheeps? like baa baa. geoff: yes, exactly. sometimes at night the sheeps on the hill get lost. craig: you don't have to tell me. i'm scottish. geoff: sheeps lost in the night is like money in the bank. craig: what does that mean? geoff: i don't know. just that i'm excited.
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craig: yes, i can tell from your body language. geoff: watch this with my hand. watch. [laughter] oh, now, it is a party. craig: i can hardly wait for dave to come out and comment on it. that was good. geoff: i like that dave attell. he's nice. craig: yes, tezz very nice. he's not married, you know. geoff: i'm noim surprised. -- not surprised. craig:,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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. you're watching cbs5 eyewitness news in high definition. >> just an hour ago bay area riot police busted up a new occupy group and we are learned information oakland, you are next. how the rest of the bay area will have to deal with oakland owe problems. >> her >> and now see this. smart contact lenses. >> definitely would try it. >> how they can treat health problems and eventually give you a new look on life.
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>> just an hour ago this, police moving into start break up what has become the bay area's newest occupy protest on the berkeley campus. >> unlike in oakland or san francisco, berkeley is not putting up with what it says are unlawful gatherings and illegal camping. we are in the middle of it. >> reporter: we are here at the campus of uc berkeley at a quickly changing situation. you see several dozen officers standing with -- several thousand students out here. the tone and mood is tense at times and it's celebrating at times. about five minutes ago the officers retreated a bit and let the students take back their steps. we have a live picture here and so the crowd just went wild. they started chanting, however if you can see from the picture that the officers still have the grassy area surrounded here.
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they aren't getting anyone get to close to the area where they were trying to clear out the tents earlier before. we have dramatic pictures taken about 9:30 this evening. . >> reporter: that was a scene about an hour and a half ago. an officer started this by coming up with a bull horn saying they are unlawful and have illegally set up tents. the students rallied, they locked arms, they were seven to ten people deep but the officers moved in with the riot gear, jacking people in the stomach, dragging them down, putting them in cuffs and taking them away and then they formed a wedge and made a bee line for the tents and that has been the focus of the evening. they took them all down. they were filled with supplies, drinks, food, took them away and pushed the crowd back and basically now they are at a standoff. this started about noon today.
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they were protesting education cuts and tuition fee hikes here at berkeley. so you can see they are still several thousand people strong. the officers are basically facing off with them, it's gotten a little more relaxed in the past hour but everybody is wondering what's next right now. tomorrow massive protests, uc system wide, everybody will do everything around noon or so. they will be back here at the plaza and will march from here to the nearest b of a which is down the street. so the first day of occupy cal here lasted about nine and a half hours, who knows what will happen tomorrow. >> thank you very much. we will go to robert now with details on plans to bust up occ, py oakland. it's apparently not a matter of if but when. >> reporter: right. sources saying tonight that it
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is imminent that a second raid of the plaza and the nearly 200 tents here is expected to go. nobody is saying time or date or at least they are keeping it close to their vest but already the city has shut off the power here at the plaza shutting off the lights and the water fountains that surround this plaza and as you are about to see, never have city officials chanted occupy oakland must go, that is never until tonight. >> so, so -- >> reporter: five city councilmembers announced the protest is killing business and must go but the group grounds any attempt at free speech. >> these are individuals who
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are not from oakland. they do not care about oakland. they have not been -- [inaudible]. >> we are shouting them down because we don't want them to bring back thousands of police officers into our streets. >> reporter: sources say plans for a second raid are already underway. keith jordon according to sources has already reached out to the alameda county sheriff. making a request for a substantial number of officers. a number so large the request has now extended to neighboring counties say sources. he is acting now because the law requires five-days notice for mutual aid. the councilmembers say in the last 48 hours there have been two tent fires and a knife attack and they won't wait for a mayor they accuse of flip- flopping. >> the mayor doesn't take
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their responsibility serious, we do. >> they started to mislead us, started to -- people got upset and they started to speak out. >> reporter: supporters fear the protesters have reached a crisis level so. >> we need to have the governor, we need to have pete starks and we need them to come participate. >> reporter: now back out live. a vigil has just started here in the plaza in support of the protesters but i can tell you leaders firmly divided. the mayor was not invited to join the councilmembers press conference so she put out her own press statement and in a surprising turn is no longer asking for negotiations with the protesters. she is now calling for their immediate eviction from this plaza expect a press conference
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from the mayor tomorrow. reporting live from oakland. >> more trouble across the country at another university. hundreds of students are rioting tonight. they flooded streets of downtown state college. the home of penn state university, shaking lamp posts, they were shouting we want joe, we want joe in support of the football coach. a few hours ago penn state made it official. they fired the university president and paterno. drew reports on the end of a legendary 45 year career but not the end of the child sex abuse scandal. >> reporter: the crowd waiting for news from the board gasped when the announcement was made. >> joe paterno is no longer the football coach effective immediately. >> reporter: the university president was also told to step
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down as the head of the board promised to win back the public's trust. >> the outrage we feel is nothing compared to the physical and mental suffering that allegedly happened. >> reporter: earlier in the day the coach said he was retiring at the end of the season. in a statement the 84-year-old said it's one of the great sorrows of my life, with the benefit of looking back i wish i had done more. he and the president's demise come in the wake of the case against jerry sandusky charged molesting eight boys over 15 years. at least one allegedly happened on the university campus. now there is a federal investigation, the united states department of education is be looing in to whether penn state failed to report incidents of sexual abuse on campus. law requires colleges and universities to report the number of crimes on campus and provide warnings if safety is threatened. pennsylvania's governor is a member of the board.
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>> he who preys on a child is the worst type of person in the world. >> reporter: two school administrators have resigned are facing criminal charges. >> also in the news herman cain didn't want to talk about the sexual harassment allegations but did take a swipe against a woman he calls princess nancy. he was referring to nancy pelosi. he said she blocked any effort to repeal the democrats health care plan when she was speaker. >> we didn't hear about it in the previous congress because princess nancy sent it to committee and it stayed there. it never came out. >> he also tweeted the label later on. the big talk after tonight's debate. rick perry. the question that he had
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trouble answering. >> reporter: eight presidential candidates took the debate stage at oakland university in michigan. the harassment allegations about cain were addressed early on. >> the american people deserve better than someone being tried in the court of public opinion, based on unfounded accusations. >> are you convinced by what he has said? >> he is a person to respond to these questions, he just did. >> reporter: the candidate was eager to leave that issue behind and focus on the economy. they targeted the president not each other. >> you want to get america's economy going we know how to, it's the opposite of what the president is doing. >> the president's plan for job creation has absolutely nothing to do with the true people who know how to create jobs. >> this administration has done nothing but put stuff in the caboos section and its it is novembering the economy. >> reporter: it was another
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opportunity for rick perry to improve. >> i would do away with the education -- the -- i commerce and let's see, i can't, the third one i can't. sorry. oops. that was a department of energy i was reaching for a while ago. >> reporter: there are less than two months officer the first cauceses leaving them little time to separate from the pack and win over voters. >> we won't have official results for at least a few days but that doesn't matter to ed lee. he has already declared victory in the san francisco mayor's race. we show you why. >> reporter: it turns out after 11 elimination rounds it's appointed mayor ed lee who takes the lead. he got 21% more votes over the second place contender. the count is considered preliminary but it's not
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stopping him from claiming victory. ed lee is not hiding his excitement nor could he ignore his place in history. >> the numbers fairly accurate right now and i'm confident that we can use the word victory right now which obviously sounds very good for -- the first elected asian mayor of the city. >> reporter: he won after staying on top for 11 elimination rounds. the numbers still preliminary. about 33,000 votes by mail still need to be counted. second place candidate believes the remaining votes could change things significantly. >> he is in a position where he has -- has a strong lead and i think that's commonly what people do when they have a strong lead they declare victory. there are about 35,000 votes left to count and any candidate
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in this position in their right mind would want to wait it out. that's what i will do. >> other candidates, did concede sending lee their promises to work with him. the congratulations letters are also coming in from lee's top supporters. >> senator feinstein, called her and we talked already and she -- jumping up and down and certainly congresswoman spear and certainly my good friend gavin newsom. >> the final vote count won't be ready until next week and only then can it be certified but it's believed it's unlikely lee will loose. the da race looks to be done with 100% of the precincts reporting and in just three rounds of elimination the incumbent is a head with a 32% cushion over the second place
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candidate. >> thank you. they have been doing it all these years and we had no idea. what our elected officials in sacramento have been getting for free. not really free because you paid for it. >> and a bay area puppy heist turned in to this happy ending. how the dog nappers snuck him away from his rightful owners. >> it's called a smart lens. how a new generation of contacts will monitor disease, even keep you healthier. dr. kim report,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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lunch. but that's exactly
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. you have heard it before there is no such thing as a free lunch but that's what has been happening for years in the california state seven sate in sacramento. the state senate was spending $100,000 in taxpayer funds a year, that money used to stock the coffee room and cover meal expenses when sections extended in to the lunch or dinner hour. let's break it down. last year during the budget standoff the senate spent $23,000 to bring in food, $2,900 a month on granola and snacks, it was compared to double dipping. that's because senators get $143 a day for meals and expenses already. the times reported on this the senate committee voted to end the free ride. puppy taken from the san francisco pound is with the right family tonight. the eight week old was supposed
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to be adopted yesterday, instead the spca said a couple with a small child stashed the puppy under a blanket and walked out. while we were there someone suddenly returned the dog. >> we were talking, we were getting ready to film another segment about the missing dog and just as we were about to start filming this woman came in and dropped him off. >> reporter: the woman left, no word on if police will continue to hound the thieves. >> 40 million americans wear contacts but in the future contacts may do a lot more than just help you see. the technology worth keeping an eye on. >> reporter: the human eye is amazing. it's a complicated imaging system but there is more, the surface is covered by living cells, those cells reflect what's going on inside the body
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so move over smart phones, make way for smart contacts. 25-year-old matt davis is getting a eye exam. he wears contacts. >> just more convenient than glasses, i can see. >> reporter: what if it did more than bring the outside world into focus. what if it could look inside of you into your body to look the monitor, even treat disease? sound far fetched? take a look at these. the new generation of contact lenses, smart lenses packed with wireless technology, all designed to keep the eye on your health. >> there is a possibility to develop a really important new tool for medicine. >> reporter: the professor and his team built and are testing smart lens. they believe one day it could replace the standard blood test. >> allows for noninvasive monitoring of the human body. >> reporter: he said bio
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markers in the blood can also be found on the surface of the eye. this lens can monitor it. >> some day you could read the results on your phone. >> reporter: the hope, those with diabetes could keep tabs on their blood sugar without needles. >> i hate it. it hurts. >> reporter: kim carter has diabetes and pricks her finger five to seven times a day with a smart lens it could be monitored without pain automatically 24-7. >> i would definitely try it. >> reporter: that will take years, the lens hasn't been tested in humans. this one has, it's already on the market in europe. take a look at trigger fish. >> i think it's great. >> reporter: it is designed to help find glaucoma. >> it has no symptoms. >> reporter: to treat it you need to measure and monitor eye pressure over the course of a day. trigger fish does that. >> it would down load
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information wire legally to a device. >> reporter: in addition to that, how about treating it as well? >> this lens has the ability to release medication to the eye for a long period of time. >> reporter: harvard researchers are testing that. that light brown doughnut shape, that contains the drug. >> this object would be put in the eye and the drug would just slowly leak out overtime. . >> reporter: perhaps the most amazing idea for a smart len social security this one, tiny led's built into the lens overlay images like this red e done in the lab into your field of vision. the idea that one day you will be able to stream health data, the internet, even television in front of your eyes. while this lens is light year away matt davis wants one. >> you can be reading your e- mails while walking down the street or something like that. i -- i would be interested in it. >> reporter: just watch where
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you walk. now wearing some of these lenses may make you look like a robot. famous irises could eventually solve that but it's not something at the top of their ,,
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roberta tosses back to set thanks, roberta. . we had a high of 59 degrees and up to 10 in gilroy and also in sap jose. 39 owl of rossa. mid40s to -- 39 through the tri valley, through san francisco. we have the clear skies in the city by the bay where today's high was 63. we will see clouds moving in after midnight becoming partly cloudy, it'll be full cloudy by thursday and then raining for veterans day. breezy and cooler as well. now let's go to -- track this
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incoming system. the cloud cover for thursday, rain holds off for friday. the model has been changing hour by hour. it doesn't look like everybody wet at the same time but by the time we start to tally it up no rain on thursday as the hours tick an by we start to see the accumulation during the afternoon on friday, up to a full inch in the santa cruz mountains, up to about a half inch through the micro climate. up to the low 70s in the south bay, 71 in danville, north bay numbers in the 60s to 70, driven by a southwest wind ten to 20 miles an hour. there is a full on seven day forecast, once the rain ends on friday, perhaps a early lingering shower saturday but it'll be dry for the game saturday afternoon. that's the pinpoint forecast. that's the pinpoint forecast. lock out, is it ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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last ress?? you be t . commissioner david sustain set a deadline for today to end the 132 day lock out. negotiations lasted 12 hours, any progress? you be the judge. >> [inaudible] >> echo -- >> you want real progress? the 49ers have become front page news with the second best record in the nfl, jim harbaugh
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compared the surge in team interest to a vegas act. >> i haven't been to vegas that much but the comedianss the singers, they probably start off in the hotel bars and not a very big stage but you do well there and then you move up to a bigger stage and maybe get on the strip somewhere in one of the big casinos w he are onto a bigger stage now and we could we satisfied with that. i think if you are you probably are going to go back to the hotel bar. >> and the raiders have officially ruled mcfadden out for tomorrow's game. he injured his foot in week seven. michael bush will get the start. raiders and chargers on our sister station. the game will be in san diego but at least one raider says. >> it seems like a home
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playoff. i feel that coming on. i haven't experienced a home playoff game but i have a sense that's what it'll feel like. raider nation does travel well, especially in california. >> number four, you don't see to many punches handed in hockey fights, several blows to the head. text -- branch with a fake and lay up. number two, see a plane stop a golf tournament in tiger hoping to finish, what was worse, the plane or the shadow? he is four under par. number one we have jail. lift off. playing at the all-star charity game in memphis. no defense and even the woman didn't get a high five. that's the top five,,


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